Dr. Brodhead at ABAi 2015

Dr. Brodhead will be presenting research on response variability at the 41st Association for Behavior Analysis Conference in San Antonio, TX.  If you're at the conference, please consider attending the following event:

# 22 Symposium
1:00 PM - 2:50 PM
Grand Ballroom C1 (CC)

AUT/DDA; Applied Research
BACB CE Offered. CE Instructor: Joseph D. Dracobly, Ph.D.
Recent Advances in the Production and Maintenance of Response Variability
Chair: Joseph D. Dracobly (Eastern Connecticut State University)
Abstract: Response variability involves systematic changes in a dimension of a response from instance to instance and is important in various complex behaviors such as creativity, problem solving, communication, and the treatment of stereotyped behavior (see Lee, Sturmey, & Fields, 2007 for a review). The current symposium involve four presentations regarding recent advances in the production and maintenance of response variability. Methods and results will be discussed involving the prevalence of response variability in young children with and without intellectual and development disabilities. Three studies involve determining the influence of lag reinforcement schedules for increasing variability in responding. Of these three studies, two studies compare the effects of smaller and larger lag schedules for the production in response variability. Finally, two studies discuss the methods and procedures to promote and maintenance and stimulus control of both repetitive and variation in responding. Discussion regarding the implications and limitations of the procedures and results, as well as suggestions for future research will be included.
Discussant: Allen Neuringer (Reed College)